Celine Ryf

Advanced Certified Jiavmukti.


Céline is one of the most experienced Jivamukti Yoga teachers in Switzerland. She started practicing Yoga over 20 years ago and has since then never stopped studying and sharing the teachings she fell in love with instantly. After taking the Jivamukti teacher training with the founders of the method Sharon Gannon and David Life and her mentor Yogeswari, she started to continuously grow the Jivamukti community in Bern. What started as small classes for friends at university grew into a Yoga school (Dayayoga, later Jivamukti Yoga Bern) with many certified Jivamukti teachers and dedicated students who share the love for the practice. Céline was a mentor at several teacher trainings, mentor at the Jivamukti apprenticeship program and facilitator of the 75h teacher trainings. She offers workshops and retreats in Switzerland and other parts of Europe. Céline studied political and social sciences because she wanted to change the world. Yoga gave her a different means to bring about change by encouraging students to think out of the box, to make connections and set clear intentions for their lives from a place of kindness and compassion. She strongly believes in the interconnectedness of all beings, that all deserve to be happy and free and that small steps with great love and dedication will bring about big change. As a certified nutrition and holistic health coach she loves to share her passion for plant based living with anyone who’s interested in taking steps towards living a happy, healthy life in harmony with Mother Earth and all beings.  

Céline is also a mother of three children and loves to offer support for women who’d like to get pregnant, are pregnant or young mothers through Yoga, mindfulness practices, nutrition and health coaching. 

Céline is forever grateful to her teachers and the many blessings she has received on her path. She still sees herself mostly as a student and hopes to never loose the curiousness, open-mindedness, playfulness and sense of adventure of the beginner. Because it’s from that place of emptiness, when we think we know nothing, that we begin to reconnect with our inner wisdom and our wild and true nature.   


Thursday 12.15-13.15 Jiva 60, Hrdayam, Gerechtigkeitsgasse 77, 3011

Friday 09.30-11.00 Jiva Open, Hrdayam, Gerechtigkeitsgasse 77, 3011

Saturday 10-11.30, Hrdayam, Grechtigkeitsgasse 77, 3011.